Vienna, 19. October 2019
10:00h - 17:00h
Sigmund Freud Universität, room 2002
Freuplatz 1
1020 Vienna 

Medizin, Wissenschaft, Spiritualität

Paradigmenwechsel durch die ganzheitliche Sicht des Menschen

The search for health, for the explanation of physical phenomena and the origin of life, as well as what happens after the body’s death, are questions that have guided the thinkers, poets, scientists, and philosophers through the millennia. Philosophers and religious people, starting from different points of view, ask themselves about the reason of life, where we came from and where we are going. Science, in general, abstains from these questions and, in confronting phenomena inexplicable by present-day science, refutes them by being incompatible with current laws of physics.


The researcher is a being immersed in society and culture in which he moves and lives, has his convictions and beliefs. Accepting the evidence of anomalous phenomena, extra-sensorial or not, reveals a new reality, where physical laws do not seem to adjust. For science to develop without frontiers it is necessary to get rid of prejudices, so other hypotheses will arise, other laws will be discovered, and humanity will open to new horizons. In this new reality, the spiritual being, the immortal soul will be considered and, perhaps, will have primacy.


The speakers are researchers, scientists and physicians recognized for their research and work at the national and international level, and who bridge the gap between science, philosophy and immortal being, within universal ethical and moral concepts, of which love, respect, and tolerance take precedence.


Objective of the Symposium 


The MWS Symposium aims to disseminate research and approaches in the medical-scientific area that consider the holistic view of the human being. It is also a forum for discussion of topics related to consciousness, neurosciences, alternative methods and other issues emerging in contemporary medicine and science, and which can be correlated with Spiritist doctrine.


History of the Symposium in Austria


Since 2010, the Society for Spiritist Studies Allan Kardec (VAK) organizes lectures and seminars with medical doctors and other scientists to promote discussions on the relationship between health and spirituality.


In 2014, in close relationship with the International Medical-Spiritist Association (AME International) and the Brazilian Medical-Spiritist Association (AME Brasil) through Dr. Marlene Nobre, VAK organized the First Symposium Health, Spirituality and Mediumship: recent research and new approaches in medicine in Vienna, Austria. The following themes were discussed: Mediumship: a potential step on the brain-mind research (Jorge Peres, M.D.), Scientific evidence of life after death (Marlene Nobre, M.D.) and From Soul to Body:  illness’ mechanisms (Décio Iandoli Jr, M.D.).


In 2015, the Second Symposium Health, Spirituality and Mediumship: changing paradigms in current medicine presented a medical-spiritist discussion on Mechanisms of illness (José Roberto Pereira dos Santos, M.D., secretary of AME-Brazil), Genetic Determinism and Reincarnation (Carlos Roberto de Souza Oliveira, M.D., University Centre São Camilo, São Paulo, Brazil) and Autism – A difficult restart (Fernando Barbosa, M.D.). 


In 2016, with a broader scope, reflected in its name, the  Symposium Medicine, Science and Spirituality: changing paradigms through an integral view of the human being brings together five lecturers well-known for their work at the national and international level. The speaker presented the following: birthmarks and children’s memories of past lives (Jim Tucker, M.D., University of Virginia, USA ), the continuum mind-body interplay – from small daily wonders to great rare miracles ( Marcelo Saad, M.D., University of Santo Amaro, São Paulo, Brazil), near-death experiences (Carlos Roberto de Souza Oliveira, M.D., University Centre São Camilo, São Paulo, Brazil), neurophysiology of altered states consciousness (Roberta Medeiros, Ph.D., University Centre São Camilo, São Paulo, Brazil) and global developmental disorders  and childhood psychosis (José Fernando Barbosa de Souza, M.D., Federal University of Cariri, Brazil). The cooperation with the UNESCO Club Vienna has also started from 2016.


In 2017, the Symposium included along with medical area other scientific areas such as the physics of the famous Italian scientist Ettore Majorana and a teaching methodology for children to learn to read / view without using eye vision. The Symposium speakers addressed the following topics: Interfaces in Psychiatry: how to distinguish religious phenomena  from psychopathology (Dr. med. Roberto Lucio Souza, Director of the Spiritist Hospital André Luiz,  Brazil); Cardiovascular Illness and Spirituality (Dr. med. Antonia Marilene Silva, National University of Brasilia (UnB), Brazil); The pineal gland and its relationship with mediumship phenomena (Dr. med. Carlos Roberto de Souza, AME-Brasil,  Brazil); Scientific aspects of the Spiritist Doctrine (Rejane Planer, M.Sc.); The Bridge between Science and Spirituality (Roberta Rio, Ph.D. & Ing. Francesco Alexandrini, Austria/Italy); Education - visions for a universal humanity (Fran Wright, N.D., Programme director UNESCO Club Vienna) and  Extraocular training: development of brain/mind (Noé Esperón, Mexico).


Organization and Coordination


The Symposium is organized in the cooperation of VAK,  AME-International, and UNESCO-Club Vienna. Three associations jointly working towards a common objective – to promote dialogue on subjects that govern life on Earth from the viewpoint of the immortal soul, thus contributing to “create conditions for a dialogue among cultures and people, based on respect for common values.”

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