Spiritist Medical Association (AME-International)

AME-INTERNATIONAL was established during the Second Congress of the Brazilian Spiritist Medical Association and the First  International Congress of Medical-Spiritist on 4. Juni 1999, in São Paulo, Brazil. Its objective is to study the Spiritist Doctrine and its Phenomena  with a view of integration with other fields of Science, in particular, the Medicine, Philosophy and Religion.  

AME-International supports and promotes studies, courses, experiences and scientific research which consider the  medical-spiritist paradigma.

UNESCO Club Wien (Vienna)

UNESCO Club Wien (Vienna) was established in 2007 in consultation with the Austrian UNESCO Commission. Its aim is to promote and support the ideals of UNESCO which are expressed in the UNESCO Charter. The club promotes cultural diversity as well as the desire for global cooperation and dialogue between different cultures.

Verein für spiritistische Studien Allan Kardec (Association for Spiritist Studies Allan Kardec) - VAK

The Society for Spiritist Studies Allan Kardec (VAK) promotes the study of Allan Kardec’s books and other related literature in its three aspects: scientific, philosophic and religious.  VAK is a charity and non-profit society. It aims at a better understanding of the relationship between human beings  and with the world, considering all levels of life (material and spiritual), so that we become more aware of our role in the universe and are able to live in harmony with the environment, respecting the Earth and our companions on life's journey.

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